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Coming up on Sunday 9th August

At 11 am BST: Marvellous Art Workshop

This Sunday, Blossom and Twig will introduce you to Monsieur Abstract for a truly marvellous art workshop. Be transported back to the 1950s, to the small Yorkshire Dales town of Settle to meet the Coronation Queen.

At 11:30 am BST: Learn to Juggle

Blossom and Twig want to introduce you to the Lord of Misrule. Travel back to the 1950s, to the small Yorkshire Dales town of Settle to meet this mischievous fellow. The Lord of Misrule is always causing mischief, but if he doesn’t keep the Queen entertained she’ll put him in the stocks! Make your own juggling balls and learn how to juggle in this fun and interactive workshop.

At 7 pm BST: Loki

Scandalous God, shape-shifter, wheeler-dealer, seducer and assassin… a right pain to live with, yet the world can’t exist without him! Inspired by the boldest trickster of them all, Emily Hennessey takes a raw and epic journey to the lands of ice and fire where darkness sheds light on inner adversaries and every riddle.

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Catch Up — Exotic Pleasure

YFOS 2020’s Guest Director Joanne Harris MBE, author of Chocolat, and award-winning chocolatier David Greenwood-Haigh talk about the history of chocolate. Join them live to discover how chocolate got its exotic appeal. They’ll be discussing its relationship to love and human weakness, and its place in folklore and literature.

Catch Up — Create a Comic Strip

Gremlins strike! It was very noisy just before we started, so Woodrow had to decamp to his bathroom! It takes about ten minutes to sort out the audio and connection problems, so bear with us. The good news is you can just skip forward through the replay.

Create an amazing story. A graphic novel is a very long comic strip. Artist, writer and graphic designer Woodrow Phoenix will show you how to build a story from the most unlikely components. You can download a blank storyboard template to print out and use by clicking here.

Catch Up — The Magical World of Traditional Tales

Children are invited to listen to traditional tales from Kevin Crossley-Holland. Step into a magical world with this award-winning author in this live event.

Catch Up — Festival Living Room 2

Note that the event starts about 9 minutes into the above clip.

Join YFOS organiser Charles live from the Festival Living Room, with special guest artist Mara Menzies. This week, we’ll announce the winner and runners up for the YFOS Children’s Story Competition, judged by Waterstones Children’s Laureate and best-selling author of How to Train Your Dragon, Cressida Cowell.

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Join us in the Bar

Get social in the Festival Bar. Carry on exploring ideas in the bar after events with festival attendees and artists.

Ey Up Elsie

Nobody is more curious than Yorkshire's Elsie, with her tantalising tales.

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Blossom and Twig

Join them in The Story Garden to make, see and do.

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Ribblehead 150

Celebrate 150 years of Yorkshire's iconic Ribblehead viaduct.

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Bedtime Tales

Danyah Miller shares tales inspired by her Yorkshire childhood.

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Festival Living Room

Catch up with Sita and Charles as they preview each week's events.

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